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  • Classic Extremely Rich Tiramisu

    Growing up in an Italian household the choice of dessert was

    always Tiramisu. It quickly became my all-time favorite dessert. The coffee-

    flavored dessert with the whipped mixture of eggs sugar and mascarpone

    cheese flavored with cocoa I feel is the best combination ever. I became

    obsessed with trying to replicate the dessert I had in New York’s little Italy. I

    am excited to have finally say this is my best replica and can't wait

    to hear some feedback.



    Fun Fact: Tiramisu originated in Veneto Italy (North Italy) means “Pick me

    up” in Italian

    • Ingredients

      Double cream, egg yolks, whole eggs, cocoa powder, chocolate

      shavings, lady fingers, sugar, mascarpone, espresso, all-purpose flour, vanilla extract

    • Price

      $6 for 1 piece (4 x 4) inch

      $24 for whole cake (9 x 9) inches

    • Baker Name

      Alex and Wan Ting



    I really enjoyed this dessert. It was the perfect balance of creamy and light. The portion was also decent for the price. Quite fresh too! However, I found it to be a bit too sweet. Perhaps there wasn't enough coco powder on top to counter the sweetness.

    Tasfia Hassan

    I recommend this item.


    The tiramisu is great, will definitely order again.

    Robert Wang

    I recommend this item.

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