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Lemon Earl Grey Tres Leches
  • Lemon Earl Grey Tres Leches


    The Lemon Earl Grey Tres Leches is a cake soaked in a decadent mixture of milks that has been steeped with Organic Earl Grey tea and topped generously with milk-infused freshly whipped cream, Earl Grey-infused dulce de leche, and dehydrated lemon zest. Serves two.

    Cake: Eggs, Milk, Unbleached Flour, Sugar, Organic Pure Vanilla Madagascar Bourbon Extract, Iodized Sea Salt, Baking Powder

    Organic Earl Grey Milk Mixture: Organic Earl Grey Tea, Evaporated Milk, Milk, Cream, Sugar

    Whipped Cream: Cream, Milk, Sugar

    Earl Grey-infused Dulce de Leche: Organic Earl Grey Tea, Pure Lemon Extract, Milk, Sugar

    Dehydrated Lemon Zest: Lemon

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