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  • Crispy Savoury Churros

    Growing Up churros were always one of my favorite desserts to

    get, the crispy crust complemented by the custardy inside topped with aromatic cinnamon sugar. If you love churros you are going to love these goodies!

    • Ingredients

      Ingredients: Eggs, flour, butter, salt, milk, sugar, vanilla bean, cinnamon sugar, canola oil


      Cream - addition of milk ,eggs and heavy cream

    • Price

      $8 for 5 churros


    • Baker Name

      Alex P.



    I really enjoyed this dessert. It was the perfect balance of creamy and light. The portion was also decent for the price. Quite fresh too! However, I found it to be a bit too sweet. Perhaps there wasn't enough coco powder on top to counter the sweetness.

    Tasfia Hassan

    I recommend this item.


    The tiramisu is great, will definitely order again.

    Robert Wang

    I recommend this item.

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