Our Team

  • Wan Ting Xie

    Over the past couple years, I have definitely discovered my passion in baking! Even though having an entirely different background, it doesn't stop me from spending time in the kitchen day and night.

    From baking many kinds of pastries and learning the process of making them, I can tell you this: homemade is 100% > store bought because I know what I'm putting into my goodies. I believe homemade food are delicious, healthy, wholesome and of course, give me that warm fuzzy feeling every bite along the way. Food can be very personal to anybody, so why not eat the authentic food made by a real passionate baker!

  • Ahnaf Hassan

    Creating and working for my own company has been a dream and a passion of mine, to say the least. I thrive on tackling the day to day issues a company faces by ideating and implementing creative solutions. I aspire to be a business leader and a team builder.


    I consider myself lucky to be able to share this passion with others by helping them build a business out of what they love doing.

  • Alex Palermo

    Growing up in an Italian household I was exposed to a wealth of incredible

    regional cuisines primarily made by my Nona. Bomboloni, Zeppole, and

    Sfogliatella are some of my favorites to name a few. I always wondered why

    these desserts were never offered in restaurants or bakeries in Toronto in their authentic form


    My motivation for this business endeavor is to expose customers to

    incredible regional cuisines from around the world that they may not have

    offered in the current market. On top of this giving inspired bakers an outlet

    to promote their skills and passionate creations to deliver to the public.

    Toronto is an incredibly diverse city with many regional cuisines going

    unnoticed. It’s time to tap into the world-class potential of food products our

    creative city has to offer.


Our Mission

Connect the world with home-cooks.

Our Vision

Provide our customers with the most nutritious and healthy food options. 


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