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Monday Deliveries - orders from Wednesday to Saturday 

 Thursday Deliveries - orders from Sunday to Tuesday 


Free Delivery To Your Home in the GTA!

At Chowtime, the health and safety of our community are always our top priority, to help prevent the spread of the virus and support the well-being of our customers and our chefs, we are now offering no-contact delivery service to your home for free with a minimum order of $25 ($3 for any order under $25)

We are currently offering delivery only in the GTA location.



How many times have you wondered what ingredients go into your takeout/delivered food? How many times have you seen chemicals on the food label and wondered what they will do to your body?

At Chowtime, the happiness and satisfaction of our customers are our top priority.​ We work with our certified chefs to make you the best quality products that nourish your mind and body. All our ingredients are freshly sourced from local groceries and markets with strict standards. 

We also continue to practice environmental initiatives through our entire business line to become more eco-friendly.

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